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About Animal Homoeopathy 


Animals enhance our lives in so many different ways including;

  • Companionship

  • Stress reducers

  • Fitness buddy

Really the list is infinite!


On occasion our animals become unwell or have suffered an injury, accident or emotional problem that has not resolved.


Animals respond well to Homoeopathic treatment and can be used alongside conventional medicine.


The types of conditions you can use homoeopathy for are wide and varied ranging from physical complaints including skin conditions, arthritis and old age disorders. These can be acute in nature i.e have come on suddenly or chronic (long term conditions).


A fantastic use of homoeopathy is in emotional conditions for example fears, shock, aggression etc. Where the homoeopathic remedies work with the animal to resolve the situation.


Over my career in Homoeopathy I have treated a wide variety of animals and also including birds and fish. They have been pets, farm and zoo animals. All of them have one thing in common, an owner or keeper with a willingness to look for a more holistic approach to animal welfare.

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