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About Homoeopathy


Homoeopathy is an alternative approach to health-care that heals physical and emotional responses with remedies that are specific to the individual. This is quite unlike a medical approach that only treats physical symptoms and gives a generic medicine that may or may not work.


The founder of homoeopathy was a German physician  called Samuel Hahnemann. In the 1800's he developed an alternative method of healing based on the principles "let like substances be used to treat like diseases". A great example of this is if you have watery eyes and an itchy, burning nose, which could be either a cold or hay fever, the remedy Allium Cepa could be used. Allium Cepa is actually the common red onion which causes watery eyes and itchy, burning nose! "like cures like". 


Each remedy has its own unique individual 'picture'. My job is to match the symptoms of the client to the correct remedy.


What I love about homoeopathy is that it treats the individual, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


Homoeopathic remedies are either little white pills or liquid. They are perfectly safe to use for mums to be, babies and throughout life.

Remedies are also safe for animals, plants and the environment. 


What to avoid when taking Homoeopathic remedies

The following substances can antidote (cancel out) the effectiveness of the remedy, even weeks or months after taking it:


-Camphor, tiger balm, deep heat 

-Menthol/Eucalyptus in cough mixtures, essential oils, cough lozenges etc


Basically any strong smelling or strong acting substances.


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