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1 1/2 - 2 hours 


This is a wonderful space for you to tell me your story, your history and I talk with you until you have shared all the information I need to choose you just the perfect remedy. I give you the remedy at the end of the session. Occasionally I may give you some remedies to take at home.


Consults are either visits at my home or conversations via phone, Skype and Viber.


                               ranging from $100 - $150 all inclusive




1 hour


Visits are at my home, you are seated in a recliner chair and I work on your feet. I am also able to do home visits. 


                               $60 all inclusive



The Birth Process 


I am happy to attend your birth in conjunction with your midwife, either prior, during or post birth. Homoeopathy and Reflexology are very beneficial treatments to assist in the birth process. 


                              Price on Application 


Homeopathy for Animals


1 hour


Animals, birds and fish respond well to homeopathy and can be used for physical conditions or emotional issues. I am confident treating pets, farm and zoo animals either in person, via Skype, email or phone consults. I will assess your animals needs and administer a remedy. 


                                $80 all inclusive


Acupressure for Animals


1 hour


I will conduct an acupressure treatment in either my home or yours. Assessing what acupressure points are required for the animal and providing treatment and guidance with regards to the issue. 


                                $80 all inclusive


Travel within the Whakatane district - free.

50c per km thereafter.


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