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I approached Lynne due to menopausal, age-related symptoms that were causing me increasing concern. I had used over the counter homoeopathic remedies for other reasons in the past with good results but had never visited a practitioner before. 

I was immediately put at ease by Lynne’s calm, friendly, open and utterly non-judgemental manner and was deeply impressed by the detail into which Lynne went to gain a full picture of myself as a person. The consultation could not have been more thorough. 
The remedies I was given resulted in a complete cessation of the symptoms I had been suffering and due to Lynne’s in-depth questions I was also given remedies that assisted me in other areas of my health that have benefited me significantly.

So impressed was I that I sent along my sceptic husband for a consultation as well. He returned, very thoughtful but still somewhat dubious about the expected outcome. Six weeks on he is still trying to work out how Lynne managed to do what she did! He has not felt this well in a long time.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Lynne to anybody who would like to try a different approach to caring for their physical, mental and emotional health. 

T.P.  – Otakiri


I have been a client of Lynn's for the last ten years. I live in Sydney Australia and have been dealing with Lynne mostly over the phone from Sydney.

Before having met Lynne I had a lot of problems with self-doubt and depression. Day to day I basically hated the world and my life with in it.

I was a little skeptical (and nervous mind you) the first time I visited Lynne. But after meeting her for two minutes it was easy. Lynne is the most un-judgmental and easy to get along with lady that I have ever met.

After our first consultation and when she had given me the remedy that she had chosen for me, that very second everything changed. I immediately found an inner strength and an inner piece inside me that I've never felt before.

I have grown a new passion for life and I am a so much happier person.

In the past few years I referred Lynne to many of my friends. To everyone of those friends that she has met she has made a huge impact on their lives and they never seem to be able to thank me enough just for referring them to her.

So why don't you let Lynne have a huge impact on your life?
You deserve it!

M.M. Sydney, Australia




I began seeing Lynne for help with stress related issues when I was studying. Through a very traumatic year she worked closely with me and I fully believe I ‘made it out alive’ because of her amazing work.


I found Lynne to be very un-judgmental and compassionate. She has a unique way of working with people that treats the root of the problem instead of treating the symptom. However, it’s not a guessing game for Lynne because she seems to work very intuitively and ‘knows’ the right remedy for me. When I walk out of her house I experience a deep sense of trust that she has ‘found and cured’ the root of the problem, which is not how I feel when I used to exit the doctor’s office.


She has now become the ‘doctor’ for my whole family. Unlike a medical doctor, Lynne treats the whole individual so we find that not only do the physical symptoms disappear (sometimes this has happened before we have even left her house!) but also emotional, cognitive and social issues come right. This is such a great relief for me as a mother of two children because it means that after a visit to see Lynne the kids come home with extra bounce in their step, they seem changed in their demeanor. Although they might have gone to see Lynne for their cough, they also appear to feel better about issues they had with me or problems at school.


I also view the cost to see Lynne as value for money for three reasons:

- Firstly, unlike a medical system experience, Lynne’s appointments focus on quality and take as long as needed to fully understand the issue at hand.

- Secondly, all of the remedies are included in the cost.

- Thirdly, I know (and trust) that the remedy has worked therefore no need to worry and stress or keep searching for cures.


I not only recommend Lynne but I would encourage people to see her. It has certainly changed my life.


A.D. - Ohope, NZ




I had started my career in midwifery when I first met Lynne during the birth of a patient, who had hired her to assist in her labour care. It struck me that Lynne managed to soothe her and settle her emotional fear in an instant. The woman then proceeded to birth her baby at home as she had planned.


This was only the first experience of many.


The most significant result came when my son at the age of 16 was diagnosed with a benign, but aggressive tumour, called pigmented villonodular synovitis. This tumour recurs at the same place, around the knee. Thankfully it does not spread but nevertheless, our son had three operations over the space of five years, each time losing more and more muscle and tissue. During the last operation he lost two litres of blood due to the vascularity of the growth, requiring blood transfusions.


After each operation the growth came back. He also had a bout of Radiotherapy which was supposed to be his best chance of avoiding a relapse, according to very competent specialists in the fields. Unfortunately even that did not prevent a re-lapse. Our son was scheduled to have a fourth operation after an MRI confirmed the relapse. It was then that I suggested to see if Lynne could help him, he apparently had nothing to lose by waiting for a while. He agreed and saw Lynne who over a period of three months treated him. After that time his growth had all but disappeared! This is now three years ago and only his scars are a reminder of what he endured. The tumour has gone completely.


Needless to say, Lynne is our first ‘port of call’ if anyone in our family has health issues.


We cannot thank Lynne enough. It has opened our eyes to what can be possible with a practitioner who uses Homoeopathy in its subtle yet powerful way. Lynne understands this with intuition and confidence. We are lucky to have her in our life.


C.M. - Kutarere, NZ




Lynne's expert knowledge and skill in Homeopathy is second to none. Her philosophy that the healing effects of homeopathy 'knows no limits' has been and continues to be, very appealing to me.


Lynne has helped heal my children, now 10 and 8 yrs, in all the first aid and constitutional scenarios since they were babies. The remedies she has prescribed have been instrumental in providing relief and healing for them, not to mention 'parental peace of mind'.


She has also assisted me greatly on a personal level regarding the constitutional aspects that I have wanted to address over the years.


It is thanks to Lynne and her skill in homeopathy that my two boys and I have become healthier and happier people.


M.E. - St Albans, UK




I had been treated by several different homeopaths before I met Lynne, but she is the one I have had most success with. I have enormous respect and affection for her and am eternally grateful for the help she has given me with many complex and longstanding health issues.


She is highly intuitive as well as being a skilled diagnostician. She always listens closely and with great respect and is constantly reading and studying in her own time to deepen her knowledge.


I strongly recommend Lynne to anyone looking for sensitive, responsible and effective healthcare.


D.R. - Auckland, NZ




In the late 2002 a lump appeared around my right knee joint, the first operation to remove the sack took place in 2003. Later the diagnosis proved the lump to be an aggressive benign tumour. A further three operations occurred after the re-growth of each period with no success.


After meeting experienced and highly skilled surgeons, I was still unsure about the future of my ordeal. Meeting Lynne proved to change this.


In 2011 I met Lynne and we began preparing for the remedy. After she created the mix, I used the remedy religiously for one year and was shocked by not only the prevention but reduction of the tumour. Since my knee has been strong, functional and free of the growth.


V.M. - Queenstown, NZ




First benefiting from Lynne's expertise 6 years ago has in no doubt changed the quality of mine and my family's lives. Physically and spiritually we have been healed in a broad number of ways.

I believe what Lynne has achieved for us no surgeon, GP or psychologist would have been able to. My son contracted a parasitic infection in his gut, our family doctor could only offer us antibiotics with a 25% chance of effectiveness. Symptoms included stomach cramps and at least 6 runny stools per day, after one session with Lynne the cramps immediately stopped and the following day he had one perfectly ordinary solid bowl motion! After 6 weeks of pain and constant diarrhoea we were flabbergasted and delighted.

Emotionally Lynne has prescribed remedy to pull me through stuck places that had accumulated throughout my life, some were obvious sticky issues and others she helped me to identify and leave behind. She has connected me to me as well as to those around me.

In order not to digress, (as I have several other amazing examples of how she has helped my family I could draw on!) I will briefly describe the most recent way Lynne has made a significant difference to my life. At 8 months pregnant with my 5th child I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have a 'super mum' mentality, an aspect of my ego that is fed by other's compliments and my own expectations that are simply beyond physical and mental capabilities, hence high blood pressure. Seeing Lynne and taking the indicated remedies she has enabled me to shed the 'cape' and enjoy the process of giving up in order to gain what is truly important. That aside, my blood pressure went from an average of 145/100 to 135/78 the next day! It has been up a bit since then go certain high pressure situations but never again to the extreme and dangerous highs that it was. Because of this I am able to continue my pregnancy normally and go on to have a home water birth as I have done 4 times previously.

I cannot recommend Lynne more highly for any person wanting to enhance their happiness and well-being in ANY way. I will forever be grateful for her expertise and will continue to use her as my first port of call in any health related situation.


L.V. Hamilton, NZ




Lynne recently treated our dog Tui (saved her life) for serious dehydration, diarrhea and shock, after she had been inadvertently left in a hot car in the sun for 4 hours.
We didn’t know Lynne at the time, so rushed Tui to the Vet. They treated her with everything available in his toolbox – IV fluids for 6 hours each day, pro-biotics, antibiotics, anti-nausea meds and pain relief. Despite their best care, she progressively grew worse until by the end of the third day it seemed likely that she would die. She could barely walk, seemed in terrible pain, and like her body was shutting down. I emailed and texted everyone I could think of who might know an alternative healer, and someone replied ‘call Lynne in Ohope, she is amazing.’   
So at 7pm on a Sunday evening we arrived at Lynne’s house. I laid Tui on her couch. Lynne had 3 remedies ready from our conversation on the phone. After the first one (a few drops in the side of Tui’s mouth), she yawned and looked brighter. By the 3rd (about 5 minutes later), she hopped up off the couch, went and met Lynne’s  dogs and then outside to have a nosy around the garden. Just like normal! It was like watching a miracle.
Needless to say, Tui made a swift and full recovery. I couldn’t recommend Lynne highly enough – she has a rare gift – and is very lovely to go with it. And she has a special soft spot for dogs

F.F. Tauranga, New Zealand tauranga



I spent some time looking after an ageing Pigtail Macaque by the name of Carol. Carol had been through a a lot in her life and had a few health issues as a result. My main concern for Carol was her right leg and foot, the leg had only a small range of movement and the foot stayed half clenched. This obviously affected her ability to walk, climb and live comfortably.

I contacted Lynne to see how she was able to help. I was surprised by the amount of questions asked about Carol, her background and her issues. Lynne needed to get to know Carol through my experiences with her, she really wanted as much detail as possible to help her to understand what was going on with Carol and how she could best develop a remedy that was specific to her needs.

As a result Lynne started Carol on a daily remedy and I begun to see her climb and move more. She gained confidence as she got movement back and she progressed to the point that she could be seen leaping at insects and birds. It was great to see the transition in Carols demeanour that came with her increased comfort from an old injury. I’d happily recommend Lynne and her abilities to any creature out there, they certainly helped Carols.


M.C. - Auckland, NZ


Carol’s Story


Carol, a pig-tailed macaque, was born in a circus and spent the majority of her life traveling around performing in different cities.  At some point in her life, she became a resident of a facility that was later purchased in November 2005 by the late Dr. Helen Scholfield and became the Franklin Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary.


Helen built Carol a beautiful enclosure in the center of the zoo so she could watch the visitors and the other animals throughout the day.  This is great enrichment, for Carol is a bit of a nosey neighbor!  After Helen passed away in April 2012, the decision was made to re-home all the animals at the Franklin Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary. 


In 2013, Carol celebrated her 30th birthday (estimated due to spotty records of the past).  This is four years older than the average lifespan of a pig-tailed macaque.  Through behavioral observations Carol showed signs of her age by staying indoors in wet, cooler weather.  When she maneuvered around her enclosure she often held tightly to various sides of her enclosure and objects to help steady herself.  In an exam to establish overall health, it was discovered that Carol’s right knee was riddled with arthritis.  This combined with the behavioral observations caused us to look for a solution to ease Carol’s pain.  While traditionally pain medications are typically sought to alleviate pain, they often mask the pain and if used over long periods can damage the liver.


The team at Franklin Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary decided to seek the assistance of Lynne Johnston, a known homeopath, in order to see if she might be able to assist in Carol’s situation.  Lynne asked us to fill out a detailed account of Carol’s background, behavior patterns, personality, and description of the arthritis.  Through the use of all of these various factors, Lynne was able to access Carol and created a remedy specifically suited for Carol’s individual needs.


We gave Carol a few drops a day for two weeks.  There were no other changes to Carol’s diet at this time.  The results were astounding!  Carol was able to navigate her enclosure without grabbing on to supporting objects.  She was using more physically challenging branches to climb up and down to different levels of her home.  We saw her start chasing birds and coming outside in all types of weather and earlier in the day.  Her demeanor improved and she engaged more with the team. 


As months past we saw no decline in the effect of the treatment.  When the time came to move Carol to her new home we approached Lynne again with a request for something that would ease her transport and transition.  Carol was very relaxed throughout her entire trip.  She was curious, but not afraid. 


I have worked in the animal care business for a long time.  What Lynne was able to do for Carol was astounding.  Keep in mind, not all homeopaths are created equal.  We had tried a different person earlier who prescribed a long term treatment that had little effect on Carol’s movement. 


I recommend Lynne Johnston to anyone looking to improve the welfare of the animals they love or themselves!



Erin Ivory

Franklin Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary Elephant Project Manager

Zoo Management Consultant

Animal Behaviorist

Animal Welfare Consultant



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