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About Lynne Johnston


Hi, I'm Lynne and I've been practicing homoeopathy since 1998. 


I came to homoeopathy when I was pregnant with my first beautiful child. I woke one morning to discover a rash covering my body. I rushed to the GP who advised me it was Rubella and there was a high chance my baby would be affected with birth defects including deafness, vision and heart abnormalities.


Terrified, I remember getting in the car and driving aimlessly miles from home, till I ended up in a chemist, which just happened to have a Homoeopath working there. He took one look at my tear stained face, took me aside and offered to treat me with homoeopathy.


The next morning I woke to clear skin, the rash had gone! When my daughter was born she was absolutely perfect and believe me I checked everything!


From that point on I was a firm believer in homoeopathy. Any complaints in the family were seen to by a homoeopath. Within the next eight years I had pursued my passion for homoeopathy and have been refining my skill ever since. I attend seminars by international homoeopaths both in New Zealand and abroad to keep up-to-date with new homoeopathic developments.

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